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Bryan Skavnak

[KR 0001] Bryan Skavnak: The Happiest Golfer

Back at the end of November, I wrote a post titled “It’s not about me,” in which I mention that I want to make a point of having conversations with people and sharing their stories here on Kindred Road — not just famous, influential people, but anyone who’s interested in engaging in a conversation (contact me if you’re interested!). The idea is that we all have a lot of interesting stories inside of us, but most of us never get the opportunity to share them in a spotlighted, featured way; I think more people should be afforded the opportunity to […]

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Do your different

The right person, idea, or thing — introduced to the right individual at the right time — can do wonders in changing the world. So when you feel you have something worth sharing, please share it; some of the knowledge and experience you already have might be the key to someone else’s big discovery or personal breakthrough. We are interconnected in so many more ways than we realize, and by exposing more of what we know — and more of who we are — to the world, we have the potential to open up new doors for both ourselves and others. (See […]

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Humble beginnings

I’ve had what has seemed like an unscratchable itch for many years now, an internal restlessness that has kept on keeping on. Perhaps I’m just slower than most people, and it’s taken me longer to figure out what to do with myself and what a fulfilling life means to me. Perhaps I haven’t paid enough attention to the world around me, and have missed out on some critical lessons and opportunities. Perhaps I’m pickier than I should be regarding my personal circumstance. Or perhaps everything has been, well, just as it should have been. I don’t know — I don’t […]

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