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Sasha Eslami: Cofounder of Wedding Snap (profile picture).

[KR 0004] Sasha Eslami: Saying “I Do” to a Startup Life

The Kindred Road Conversations have taken a backseat to some other projects as of late, but I have an awesome guest for you today: a young, ambitious entrepreneur named Sasha Eslami. Sasha’s been hard at work on his third tech startup, Wedding Snap, a photo sharing website dedicated to weddings that integrates with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Getting fun, candid photos from your wedding has never been so easy! I think Sasha’s idea definitely has some legs to it, and I have a good feeling that the third time around for Sasha is, indeed, going to be a charm. Sasha […]

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Mark Rapacz (Muddin' and climbing rope, Living History Farms cross country race, November 2011.)

[KR 0003] Mark Rapacz: Ruminating on Writing, Running, and Buffalo

Writing and running: There isn’t a whole lot of glory or recognition to be had in either of these pursuits. After all, the world likes money … and Hollywood … and football. The writers and runners of the world? Well, they’re generally left alone to toil away at their respective crafts in anonymity, outsiders in a society that doesn’t understand their quirks or value the simplicity and beauty of their pursuits. No matter. Simple pleasures are enough to sustain a writer or a runner: a sentence that sounds right, a run that feels right — these things are heaven on earth […]

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Zach Marx (on top of the Great Wall of China)

[KR 0002] Zach Marx: Around the World in 80 Couches

Zach Marx is a man with lots of plans, but one of his plans in particular caused him to buy the domain name one year ago: He’s going to CouchSurf around the world and write a book about it. With a tangible brand and an ever-developing backstory behind his plot, Zach is due to depart in about 18 short months and is currently busy dreaming big and saving money while living the life of an expat in Korea. As a former coworker of mine, I can attest to Zach’s thoughtful commentary on a wide range of topics, and given his ambitious upcoming […]

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Great education through simple conversation

“Writing is a lot easier once you find your voice,” people say. That’s why a lot of those same people advise would-be writers to “write how you talk.” I can’t argue with that advice; it makes sense. But what if you just skipped the whole writing thing altogether and just, well, talked? If writing like you talk helps to establish a more authentic voice, I would think that “talking like you talk” would be even more authentic yet. After all, when you talk, your communication isn’t just confined to the words you use; it includes all the sounds and expression […]

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Bryan Skavnak

[KR 0001] Bryan Skavnak: The Happiest Golfer

Back at the end of November, I wrote a post titled “It’s not about me,” in which I mention that I want to make a point of having conversations with people and sharing their stories here on Kindred Road — not just famous, influential people, but anyone who’s interested in engaging in a conversation (contact me if you’re interested!). The idea is that we all have a lot of interesting stories inside of us, but most of us never get the opportunity to share them in a spotlighted, featured way; I think more people should be afforded the opportunity to […]

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It’s not about me

It’s not about me. Those words have lingered in my head for a few weeks now. The “it” in question? Kindred Road. Even though Kindred Road is my personal website — created in my style, with my goals, servicing my vision — it’s not about me. Sure, I brought Kindred Road into existence, and I continue to do the work, but I feel the site has something else driving it — something bigger than me, something I cannot explain. The universe? God? A muse? Voices in my head? … Does it matter? I don’t think it does. I just know […]

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